The Victorian Traditional Owners Land Justice Group (LJG) is continuing a long tradition of traditional owner activism and working together for land justice in Victoria.


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Acrobat document LJG Governance arrangements endorsed March 2012

Acrobat document Information Paper for Victorian Traditional Owners

Acrobat document Newsletter July 2012

Acrobat document Report of the Steering Committee for the Development of a Victorian Native Title Settlement Framework.

Acrobat document Traditional Owner Settlement Act 2010

Acrobat document Traditional Owner Settlement Bill 2010

Acrobat document Traditional Owner Settlement Bill 2010 Explanatory Memorandum


Co-Chairs: Robert Nicholson & Annette Xiberras
Executive: Geoff Clark & Darren Perry
Secretariat: Gary Murray, Margaret Gardiner & Aileen Black

Victorian Traditional Owner Land Justice Group
10 McNeill Court
Phone general: 5282 3991
Phone staff: Annette 0410 440 464 or Robert 0434 279 653

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The Land Justice Group currently has representatives appointed from the following groups:

"[fighting for land justice] it's a very big responsibility. It's a big weight on your shoulders, but it gets lightened by having a land justice group- you got all that support."

Len Clarke, Former LJG Co-Chair